It’s not you, it’s your bra

It’s not you, it’s your bra

Finding the perfect fit is not that easy. I think we can all agree that it’s a challenge to say at least. But we’ll ensure you, finding that perfect size will all be worth it. Pinky promise. 


The cup should be covering your whole breasts. Now I hear you thinking, no sh*t sherlock…but don’t be a rebel this time and keep on reading!

The breasts should not split out of the bra at either the sides or the middle. No one wants Quadriboob (when it appears like you’re having 4 boobs instead of two – yes this is actually a thing.) Breast being pushed towards the armpits or centre part between cups is definitely a no-no. If they are, you’re wearing a bra with a cup size that is too small. Don’t be stubborn and size up, girl! 

The cup must not be too loose either. You can check if you’re cup is too big by looking at your bust and see if the cup gapes when bending forward. If you can see into the cup, then this indicates that the cup size is too big, try going up a cup size.


This is a tricky one, but a common problem nonetheless. The central gore, that connects the wires and cups, should lie flat against your chest. If the gore is standing away from your chest, you’re wearing the wrong cup or band size.

The underwire should support the whole of the underside of your breast. This should not squeeze the breast anywhere. The wire should lie completely flat against the body and between the breast so that the breast is fully separated and supported. 

The wire should never press uncomfortably between the breasts or by the armpit. 

Check check, double check: Press against the underwire – if it bounces back or pokes into your breasts or under your arms, you’re in the wrong size. If the wire stays in position (flat against your skin), you’ve found the perfect fit. Yay! 


A very common mistake is wearing an underband size which is too big. Fun fact: It’s the band that provides the most support of the bra. Not the straps. So if you want to give your breasts the support it needs, ensure you get the band size right. 

Little tricks by finding the right band size:

  • Put 3 fingers under the back closure and see if the bra pulls up when you raise your arms. If it doesn’t – you’re in the right size, babe! 
  • The back of the bra should not be pulled up. If it does – loosen the adjustment of the shoulder straps a little. 
  • If you feel that your bust is not getting enough support when you lengthen the straps, you can tighten the hook and eye fastening one or two positions at the back. If this still doesn’t help, it is better to choose a bra with a smaller band size. 
  • The band around the body should always form a straight line. This should not be pulled up at the back. If it is, you have shortened you shoulder straps too much.
  • And last but definitely not least, chose a bra that you are comfortable to do up on the loosest hook. This way, you can tighten the hooks even when the elastics wear. 

Give it a go – your boobs will thank you for it. 


The straps actually only provide about the 10% of a bra’s support –  but they do keep the cups in place and allow you to adjust the fit to suit you.

The role of the straps is to ensure that the cup fits smoothly against your breast. Their function is not to lift the bust. We all love a little push up – but let the cups to that job for you! Wearing the straps too tight, will lead to discomfort in the long run. And let’s not forget about the red marks on your shoulders. Avoid a bra that leaves marks at all costs! 

You should be able to place a finger between the strap and the shoulder without problems when you are wearing your bra. Hello happy boobs. 


Still unsure if you’re wearing the correct size? Use our bra measuring tips and calculator and find your perfect fit! Link to calculator

Talk soon, 

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