Meet the ‘NO’ from NO_YA

Meet the ‘NO’ from NO_YA

I’m Noëlle, also known as the creative brain behind NO_YA, in other words excel and I are NOT a good match.  But drawing until midnight (read early hours in the morning) with a good techno session… YASSS PLEASE!!

It still makes me laugh out loud sometimes, looking back at how I ended up here. Even though I did know deeply inside that I wasn’t meant for long study days, I still learned the hard way! After forcing myself to get all the dry information in my head, a lot of mental breakdowns and cancelling all social activities to focus on my exam weeks, long studying sessions and I were just not a success. But hey, there was nothing wrong with the dedication! 

Back in the school days (this sounds like I’m very old now lol…), I was always drawn to the creative side of fashion. Which was quite difficult having your weeks 80% filled with learning from books and studying dry stuff on a business school…Even though fashion still had my interests, it was as clear as day that I wasn’t meant to be sitting stuck inside, behind a desk all day and a more creative challenge was much needed! 

So without a doubt, I packed my stuff, left Yanissa behind in the smallest student town ever and moved on.  

It was about a year (and lot of travels and attempts to study) later, that I started my full time job as a creative. This not in fashion, but surprise surprise… in the food and beverage industry. (I wasn’t lying when said food is the 2nd most important thing in life…<3) Soon I realized working in Marketing & Branding was the real deal and learning by experience was a much better match! 

Creative challenge – unlocked! FINALLY.

Although being surrounded by foodies all day was the best thing ever, I still had a passion for fashion and lingerie in particular. I always have had a bra obsession and couldn’t be prouder when I finally purchased my very first 75AA cup bralette. Leaving the house in a non-matching lingerie set? NEVER. 

Next to my passion for lingerie, I also always want to build my own business since a very young age. Yanissa and I still make jokes the only reason that got me into a business school in the first place, was to actually meet Y and to share our future business plans together. (Thank you, universe!)

Entrepreneurship was the end goal. What can I say? A traditional and 9-5 bound lifestyle just isn’t for me. This in combination with being creative; designing collections, creating campaigns, and doing anything branding & marketing related – whilst ‘working’ together with your friend. THE DREAM. 

And guess what? I’m now even enjoying sitting full days behind a desk, and talking about budgets more than EVER. Who would have thought! 

X No