Oh hi, hello there stunner! 

Oh hi, hello there stunner! 

What a PINCH ME moment this is. Our very first blog, on our brand-new website. Wauw. Good thing we are not 100% speechless. (Ha, like that would ever happen…)

So… where do we start? Perhaps with a short introduction? Guess that makes sense. 

We’re Noelle & Yanissa – founders of NO_YA. Two best friends who met in college, when studying Fashion Business. We always like to compare ourselves with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, as we could not be more different, but together we’re also a magical combination (if we may say so ourselves). And besides, we love food. That’s actually how our friendship started, with food. 

After a couple of weeks of living on our own, Y noticed N her cooking skills were a lot better than hers and not soon after, N literally had no other choice than to cook for 2 at least. Very funny story… let’s say there was already nothing wrong with Y her time management back then. Or in more details: Y always knew what time to show up at N her doorstep (unannounced) to ensure she wouldn’t leave with an empty stomach. 

Whilst sharing our food, we would also share our dreams of starting our own business one day. *fast forward to 8 years later* And here we are; working our asses off, in our office in Etten-Leur, stressing about our website that needs to go live and stock that needs to get shipped (It’s 1 week pre launching whilst writing this. Sleep is highly overrated in case you’re wondering….no kidding, we also cannot wait to have those cozy, restful 7 hours of sleep again) But for now, we are too excited! 

We’ve been working on NO_YA for the last 20 months now. 20 months of designing, sourcing fabrics, meeting suppliers and factories, building the website etc.etc.etc – and what a challenge it has been. A fun, amazing rollercoaster of a challenge. With many many more fun stories to tell. 

Don’t worry – this is a short introduction only, we will spill all the tea about our business and adventures in details very soon – so stay tuned! 

Talk soon,

Noëlle & Yanissa