Designing and producing lingerie is not rocket science….but somewhat close to it! And No, we’re not joking (this time)!

It goes without saying, creating a product is not an overnight thing: it takes time, testing and several rounds of fit samples. So friends, let’s dive in to the NO_YA product process with a bit (read: many) more details…


STEP 1: The prints and colours 

It all starts with No designing our stunning prints and picking the pantone colours for the collections. 

After No presenting her masterpieces back to Ya, the besties brainstorm about the most important part of the lingerie: the fabrics. 


STEP 2: Fabrics 

The fabric is a crucial make or break for any product, but especially for lingerie. 

We are very picky when it comes to finding the right fabric bases for our products.  

Fabrics play a significant role in providing comport, so choosing a premium quality material is very important. You are wearing the fabric directly on your skin after all – so it better be comfi! 

The NO_YA fabrics are selected from fabric mills all over Europe: Switzerland, Italy, France and Portugal. There is a specialized fabric supplier for each separate fabric base. It’s a lot of organising work to get all fabrics matching and shipped to our Portuguese factory… but we wouldn’t want it any other way! 


STEP 3: Fit 

No & Ya fit every style between 3-6 times before the production starts. It’s the most special thing to see a design coming to live from drawing to an actual product. 

Whilst No & Ya comment on the look and fit of the styles, the absolutely brilliant sampling team from the factory is adjusting the patterns. 

Not a single product goes to production without both the factory and No & Ya being 1000% happy with the style. And yes, this does sometimes cause a lot of headaches (especially to Ya and her tight production schedules!) 


STEP 4: Cutting out the components

There are many different stages involved in production, and each one requires its own set of skills and expertise. The very first production step is cutting the patterns. 

The patterns are cut either by hand or by machine, depending on the type of fabrics and complexity of the designs. 


STEP 5: Sewing 

Here’s where all the magic happens. A single bra consists of multiple fabrics and parts, for example: clasps, band, apex, wing, slider, cups (there are between the 20-48 components so let’s not finish the full list) 

Multiple very skilled and talented women in the factory are lined up behind sewing machines: every one of them is focussed on sewing 1 part of the product. Whilst one person is focussing on sewing the hooks and eyes to the straps, the other is inserting the main and carelabels into the back or side panel. Once all separate parts are ready, it becomes 1 product at the end of the production line. 


STEP 6: Quality control

Our lingerie is a durable product. So, before a product goes live, we do a LOT of testing! The quality is controlled in all stages of the production process. Fabrics are tested on color-fastness, durability, stretch and shrink-resistance. 

Our amazing team at the factory perform multiple quality controls whilst styles are still in the production lines. 

Next to the quality controls that take place in the factory, No & Ya are also still involved in keeping an eye out all the way from our head office in the Netherlands. 

Multiple parcels with products taken from the production lines are shared for checks and approvals– this to make sure everything looks absolutely PERF and because well, it’s hard to not be involved in such a fascinating process! 

When all production is ready, a final inspection takes place to review all bulk production. 

STEP 7: Delivery
The day of shipment No & Ya wait very patiently (ha… now this definitely is a joke) for the goods to arrive. And yes, tears of happiness are not completely avoidable when receiving and opening the boxes for the first time. 

All products are checked and stored in our own warehousing before the products leave to our stunning tribe. 

We hope you will love our lingerie even more so knowing all the steps and procedures involved in making them for you!